Policy in Support of Future Science

Facilitate discussion between scientists and policymakers covering science and technology, intellectual property, data protection regulations, health, ICT, space, climate, environment, astronomy, agri-food, amongst others.

Inform trade policy so that it becomes less mercantilist and more able to deal with trade in knowledge, know-how and intellectual property.

Support implementation of WTO TRIPS Article 66.2: “developed country members shall provide incentives to enterprises and institutions in their territories to promote and encourage technology transfer to least-developed country members to enable them to create a sound and viable technological base”.

Demonstrate how pre-competitive research is vital for future innovation and can provide the foundation for global cooperation. Show how unitary science can support international participation in science.

Schedule partnering meetings; organise workshops on how many research projects and international level. Promote multilateralism for science.

Explore how to remove the “them and us” mentality to allow science cooperation to flourish – inclusive science.