The 78th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 78) will open on Tuesday, 5 September 2023.

The first day of the high-level General Debate (aka High Level Week) will be Tuesday, 19 September 2023.

Tuesday-Wednesday, 12-13 Sept

Science Summit at UNGA78 Opening Plenary: Digital Science for the SDGs covering Health, Space, Food Security and Agriculture and channeling the UN Global Digital Compact.

Thursday, 14 Sept

The Role of Parliaments in Science Policy Making in collaboration with the the global organization of national parliaments, the Inter-Parliamentary Union
Public, Private and Academia synergies for decarbonization in Brazil Advancing the implementation of SDGs:
Recall of Science Summit UNGA77 2022 Charter Statement
Plant Molecular Pharming in Africa

Friday, 15 Sept

A focus on Ireland
Digital Health
Africa-Europe research cooperation on the Accelerator Partnership to support the future implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF)
Recall of Science Summit UNGA77 2022 Charter Statement
Article 66.2 of the WTO TRIPS*

*Agreement instructs developed country Members to incentivize domestic enterprises and institutions “for the purpose of promoting and encouraging technology transfer to least-developed country Members: does it help research collaboration?

16-17 Sept         Networking Activities

Monday, 18 Sept

One Health (2-days): The collaborative efforts locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals and our environment.
The Global Young Academy
Sustainable Development Objectives 13 and 14: Marine and Coastal Zones in Mexico
Scientific innovation to address Sickle Cell Disease: From newborn screening to curative gene therapy in Africa
Transformational Strategic Alliances for Positive Change: A new and innovative approach to achieving UN SDGs

19-20 September (Tentative)

The 2023 SDG Summit – the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development under the auspices of the General Assembly

Tuesday, 19 Sept

Microbial Science
Indigenous Knowledge Research Infrastructure
The diversity of scholarly research from Indonesia
The Sahel – Science for Food Systems Transformation in a Conflict Area
Creating an Empowerment Model in Global Health: An Evolving Practice to Build Capacity, Research Methodologies, Educational Modalities, and Health Equity

Wednesday, 20 Sept

Materials Day
Green Medicines:
Kilimanjaro Innovation Hub Fostering Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Impact of Mining in Africa on Climate Change: how can science and innovation provide innovative solutions to Green Mining in Africa
How standards are support the implementation of the SDGs

Thursday, 21 Sept

Space for the SDGs
India’s Innovation System and Sustainable Developmentt: Contemporary Challenges and Way Forward for Inter-linking evolutionary actors, organization and institutions
Women, ageing, work: stereotypes, discriminations, challenges and opportunities
Quantum Technologies for Climate Action

Friday, 22 Sept

China Science and Innovation Day: organised by Zhejiang International University Business Scholl (ZIBS)
Why are pregnancy and birth still so deadly?
The Nagoya Protocol: implementation and experiences
Responsible AI for Africa’s Development
The Role of Research Funding Organisations & the Importance of Science Advice in addressing the UN SDG
Biobanking for Bangladesh
Pan-African initiative to build research and innovation capacity to achieve SDG7 for Africa

23-24 Sept        Networking Activities

Monday, 25 Sept

Genomics for Health
ECHAlliance Day: Digital Transition for Global Health
Global Biodiversity Alliance for the SDGs
Establishing of an African based high-end diagnostic test manufacturing facility
Funding research for impact: strengthening the role of science and evidence-based policymaking

Tuesday, 26 Sept

Meeting with Members of the US House of Representatives Science Committee, Washington DC
Making Health Data Inclusive, Globally.
Science Capacity building in Portuguese Speaking Countries in Africa
Materials: A Matter of Sustainability: the Ultimate Enabler of Sustainable Development
Biobanks: strategy of creating and sustaining biobanks and their role in society
Global Partnerships in Brain Research

Wednesday, 27 Sept

A focus on Brazil
An Open Science Cloud for the SDGs: creating the data and the space necessary for inclusive collaboration
Empowering Young Professionals to become global leaders attaining the United Nations SDGs: Convened by United Nations
Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Global Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) and the UN PGA’s HOPE Fellows
Roundtable with the World Bank
Plenary Session: A science agenda for the 2024 UN Summit of the Future: Multilateral Solutions for a better tomorrow

Summit of the Future has an important role to play in reaffirming the United Nations Charter, reinvigorating multilateralism, boosting implementation of existing commitments, agreeing concrete solutions to challenges, and restoring trust amongst Member States

Thursday, 28 Sept

Latin America focus
Data for Science
Research infrastructures in the digital transition – Maximizing the benefit of research data
Science for Climate Resilient food systems in Africa
Living Labs
Preview of International Astronomical Union General Assembly, South Africa, 2024

Friday, 29 Sept

Global Science Capacity Building
Decolonizing Science and Moving to Inclusive Science
Science in and with the Middle East
Solutions to Combat Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in the Sahel
How will regulation for data, biotechnology, health and the digital economy help innovation for achieving the SDGs?