Science Goals

1. Present key science initiatives in a series of workshops, presentations, seminars, roundtables and plenary sessions addressing each of the UN SDGs

2. Promote collaboration through enabling researchers, scientists, and civil society organizations to become aware of each other and work to understand and address key challenges

3. Disseminate information on key science programmes and initiatives including the European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research (2021-2027) and other research funding initiatives at global level

4. Focus meetings will be organized around each of the UN SDGs, bringing key stakeholders together to understand and advance global approaches

5. Priority will be given to developing science mechanisms to implement the SDGs

6. Support building capacity and infrastructure for science

7. Demonstrate how research infrastructures work as a driver for international cooperation

8. Promote awareness of data-enabled science and related capacities and infrastructures

9. Understand how the activities supported by the ITU can contribute to global science generally and in particular in “The Age of Digital Interdependence”, which is the title of the report published by the United Nations in June 2019[1]